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Developed at MIT,   PREDICODEtm   uses analytic continuation of * probable serial independent portion of random walk series of numbers – in this case equities, or commodities prices. A summary of relevant statistical parameters is made available daily (after the “close”).

A sample ** Report of Statistics is presented  REPORT of STATISTICS for your convenience. These numbers represent only typical results and should not be used to make any trade decisions. When you are a PREDICT CUSTOMER the results – now encrypted – will be sent to you for the Investment Portfolio you have selected.

* N.b., the amount of divergence from this predicted value correlates well with instantaneous changes in trend and as such is a good indicator of price action in subsequent day. No system can predict the future. PREDICT is just rjbaran’s best approach to the problem.

** Repeated here as shown in Sample Report of Statistics:
ITEM:  W Z8  ( Dec. 1998 Wheat )    Exp. H = 321.00    Exp. L = 318.00
5-Day H = 335.22         5-Day L = 318.00
GRN(-1/2) = -1.00 ‘Window’
324.00 GRN(-3/2) -1.00 
319.25 PROB.:GRN 1.00 .00 BL .00 HL
321.75 B/S TEST -1.00 .00 SS 1.00 HS
S = 20.41
A = 25.00
331.50 = Day j Trend 4.00
Trend (L,S) 332.82 = Day j-1 Trend 13.00
L 0 332.61 = HC+1
S -1 310.64 = LC+1
-1.00 = Hi del
1.00 = Lo del


~ Use BL (Buy Long), SS, etc., in conjunction with next day (Expectation) Highs and Lows (H,L). These are the high and low “expected” during the next trading day.

Only buy if (L) actually obtained during the trading day.

Only sell if (H) obtained.

Use graphic Price Pattern Generator ( a part of Personal Trading System Software ) to actually see these changes in real time.


~ Use ‘Window’ Timing in conjunction with L,S (0 or 1) Trend

Indicator only for longer term Trend Trading

5-Day H,L indicates range probable for subsequent 5 days.

Action should be taken in conjunction with Trend (L,S) direction

only and consistent with good entry price availability, e.g.,

3-day reversal, etc.

Trend (1 or 0) indicates base 17 day trend (up = 1; down = -1)

HC+1, LC+1 indicates probable channel prices are within. Degree

of flatness indicates trading range or trend. If commodity in

trading range buy at extremities of channel in accordance with

‘Window’ indicator.


The software is a new standard in spreadsheet analysis.

Data Screen/Stick Vectors

Outputs of PREDICT’s analysis has been optimized for speed and presentation. The Data Screen and Graphics “Stick Vectors” give statistically-determined predictions for the subsequent user-determined trading interval, e.g., day, week, etc. Outputs are superimposed on a common vector output format for easy and uniform comparison by user.

Results Beta Tested

The PREDICT System is based on analysis and testing of results over a number of years. Software based on original code developed in 1966 by Robert Baran – who published results as 300 Stocks Report (in 1983 and later).

High Interactivity

User can quickly see changes in price activity ( Price Pattern Generator ), by inputing actual values. PREDICT will generate buy and sell signals “on-the’fly.”

Command Speed

Utilizes ultra-high speed software, designed for use on PC or mainframe, with command line entry speed.

User Selectable

Stocks and/or commodities can be selected by user ( in accordance with Terms of Purchase ) from rjbaran.

Software Fixes

Since the software runs in pseudo real time, retarding data elements and advancing time, the software includes “fixes” for data input interruptions, errors, etc. This feature is made available to User.

On-Going Research and Development.

The developer of this software product has an on-going software analysis, research and development program. Work on application of the world’s fastest compiler ( the Arkcompiler ) is presently being conducted.

Trend (1 or 0) indicates base trend (up = 1; down = -1)

HC+1, LC+1 indicates probable channel prices. Degree of flatness indicates whether subject equity or commodity is in a trading range, or not.



Platform: DOS,
Category: Reference,
Analytic Software/
Investment Software
Product name: PREDICODEtm  REPORT; Trading System
Developer: rjbarantm
Price: $59.95/6-months (for Internet Report); Personal Trading System – negotiable)
System Requirements: PC, 256K RAM.  DOS as low as 2.0.

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